A Holograph is an open frame into a 3 D representation, i.e. standing out in straight relief. The objective is to recreate a setting close to reality in order to draw the spectator in, and to project him right into the core of the scene being represented. The choice of a realistic subject, with its own visual references, leads to viewing something of integral relief yet still contained in limited space. To succeed, all available means are used, provided they are solid while at the same time light, hence the selection, among other materials, of papier-mâché.

Making a Holograph is multi-disciplinary artwork: it involves primarily shaping a sculpture, whose volumes are to be spread out in the intended space, taking into account the effects of the light integrated to every Holograph.Colour also has a role to play, complementary to the effects brought about by lighting. This process requires lots of time: creating a Holograph demands several months of work. This being said, regardless of the means and the time devoted to it, it’s only the result that counts, and to « understand » what makes the difference with a normal reproduction, there is only one solution: to be able to stand in front of a genuine Holograph.

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The gallery of Holographs Interview of Roger ROCHELLE  " The Time oustanding "

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