As young as 17 years old, I used to sell my drawings in the press : comics, illustration, advertising...

This activity brought me in the following years to produce cartoons as well as animated films in the background of institutional films and still furthering my career as a professional illustrator.

This evolution is the direct consequence of my special interest to the art of photograph and cinema for their creative aspect. I also practiced stereoscopic photo and explored the possibilities to give back the relief vision .

Creating cartoons naturally led me toward creating, managing and then producing and distributing movies concerning training, pedagogy, information, promotion for large companies, while in charge of communication department advisor.

From all the richness of these experiences it became obvious that my deepest desire was to create representative pictures including 3 dimensioned image, high-lighted by the  movie lighting.

From this gestation is born my first Holograph... Today, 15 of them have been realised, dealing with very various subjects. Twelve of them have been produced in gouache and one only in pastel.

The photographic shot gives a problem in the fact that it doesn't restitue the real ot true picture due to the relief of image and the self-lighting.